Cape St. Claire Elementary


"What a remarkable time for all our students working as a team on this exciting project. We came together as one and created work we are all proud of and will cherish for many years to come." Principal Mrs. Janet Lancaster

92 Handmade Thank You notes from Corkran Middle School


Benfield Elementary School


"This experience has been so rewarding and memorable for our students!"   

 Art teacher Mrs. Tracy Edwards

CSCE Mural Video

Enjoy their school's mural video clip

Art Residency 2017  

240 + square feet

600 students -  Kindergarten to 5th grade All painted during our 3 month adventure

Mural Residency INTRO Video

Geared for elementary schools, this informative 15 minute video introduces the students to a brief history of murals and leads to Mrs. Kassal's own mural story. She awakens imaginations and spills secrets on inspirations. Students learn creativity and community, working together, can change the world of stark walls to a burst of color.  

Her goal; inspire and empower.