9/11 Hanson Family Memorial, Boston Medical Center

A Bright New World For Hospital Walls

"On Sept. 11, 2001, husband and wife Peter and Sue Hanson left their Massachusetts home and boarded Flight 175 with their daughter Christine. The family was on their way to California for a trip to Disneyland and to visit family. The youngest of the eight children who were killed on 9/11, it was Christine’s first time on an airplane." By 9/11 Memorial Staff

America was forever changed that tragic day. 

Two years later, Peter Hanson’s grandparents contacted me to create a mural for Boston Medical Center’s Pediatric Treatment Room to be dedicated to their son, wife and granddaughter on flight 175. 

I was honored beyond words. My mural titled "Christine’s World”, a world through the eyes of a child; little Christine’s love for nature, bugs, flowers, butterflies, children’s games, reading and smiles. Her father's love for the Celtics inspired the basketball game; and the secret behind choosing the "green" grasshopper.  The mural continues to help children daily ease their anxiety and aides staff into a wonderful world of seek and find. 

Each year, I am reminded of what a gift this was to create. Creating a world for our future generations, I am forever grateful to Lee and Eunice Hanson who guided this project sharing with countless families the beauty of their own family.


9/11  Hanson Memorial   Mural "Christine's World"   Pediatric Rm 
 Boston Medical Center

9/11  Hanson Memorial   Mural "Christine's World"   Pediatric Rm 

 Boston Medical Center