Pastel painting "Morning Light" by Gayle Mangan Kassal points to available pastel works page
Annapolis Mural by Gayle Mangan Kassal points to her Residential mural web page
Boston Medical Center Mural by Gayle Mangan Kassal points to her healthcare murals web page
Gayle painting with students on their school's mural. This points to her educational mural web page.

About the Artist



Gayle Mangan Kassal lives and works in Annapolis, Maryland. Her vibrant work celebrates nature and brightens homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, and corporations around the country. Kassal’s exquisite art expresses a passion for brilliant colors and her dedication to realistic detail. Kassal received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the College of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and over the years has been an art professor at several colleges and universities. Her art celebrates life: its vulnerability, bravery, and ultimately, its resilience in color! 

Corporate Clients


Since 1996, Kassal has used her masterful skills and playful imagination to create one-of-a-kind works of fine art pieces specific to the needs and desires of each client. Her murals have transformed the hallways of Children’s National Medical Center, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Boston Medical Center and Newport Grand Casino, to name a few. 

Artist Residencies


Art educators know the positive impact an art curriculum can have on students and their future. 

Local public schools hire Kassal as an artist in residency where she teaches students a curriculum that combines the creation of fine art with pragmatic project management skills. The students not only learn painting techniques but the importance of teamwork, goal setting and time management. The school community together gains an overwhelming sense of pride in their work and in their school by having created a finished mural. See the results.

Mural Creation

"Our Annapolis" 9ft x 8ft acrylic on canvas, is an artistic interpretation of the Annapolis skyline centered around the U.S. Naval Academy: client’s favorite sites which hold special memories and meaningful moments in a custom view. 

Private residential mural